SCATUI does not serve as an active registrant of domain names for customers. At any time, customers are encouraged to register their own domain names.

SCATUI will offer the services as an agent to register domain names. The price will always be market price plus a small fee for the agent services.

Customer must comply with all requests for information or action from SCATUI if SCATUI is acting in this agent role. No requests will come from SCATUI unless SCATUI is first in receipt of the same request from the registration authority.

SCATUI will offer a service known as “private registration” for a fee. SCATUI technical staff will be listed as contacts in all fields in the domain WHOIS information if this is invoked. If not, the customer’s information will be visible in WHOIS records except for the Technical Contact, which will still list SCATUI technical staff.

SCATUI will allow customers to pay for purchased domains on a month-by-month basis. A small fee, based on market pricing, will be added for this convenience.

If the customer wishes to end the agent relationship with SCATUI, they must do so in writing. Upon receipt of written request, SCATUI will have two weeks’ time to prepare the release of all information to the customer. The customer will be financially responsible for the transfer costs to an independent account at the register, which will be billed from SCATUI. The customer will also be billed a $50 severance fee from SCATUI. If the customer is paying month-by-month, the customer will also be responsible to pay the balance due. SCATUI will contact the customer when this is ready. The customer will be required to pay the balance associated with this severance before the information is released.

The customer will have two weeks to pick up their domain information upon severance of the agent relationship with SCATUI once they are informed it is ready. If it has not been picked up in that time frame, the customer will be charged $10/month for their domain to be carried in this manner. This will be added to their pay-off balance.