SecureIT is not just about protecting your computer from viruses, it’s about making your computer healthy. It’s industry leading computer protection, and it’s now available through SCATUI!

Never have the hastle again of having to manually update your license. SecureIT is by-the-month protection that is always updated as long as you pay your monthly bill.

Tired of all those annoying notifications and pop-ups from your current anti-virus program? SecureIT runs behind the scenes. After it is installed, you rarely ever see any messages from SecureIT.

Is your computer already infected? For one low price, get your computer cleaned and certified virus-free AND get SecureIT installed!

  • SecureIT – $5.75/month
  • Supported Remote Install – $19.95 (one time charge)


But wait! That’s not all! Do you have so many passwords that you can never remember any of them? Password Genie is the smart solution that remembers your passwords for you!

  • Password Genie – $2/month

FileHopper Plus

And it gets even better! Don’t lose all of your important files because your computer isn’t backed up. FileHopper Plus has all the space you’ll ever need to back up those important files! If your computer ever crashes, restore all those files to their rightful place thanks to FileHopper Plus!

  • FileHopper Plus 5 GB – $2.95/month
  • FileHopper Plus 50 GB – $5.95/month
  • FileHopper Plus 250 GB – $14.95/month


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